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      塑胶地板,PVC地板资料及技术指标vinyl flooring specification


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      LG橡胶地板 橡宝-S

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      S2001 S2002 S2003 S2004 S2005 S2006 S2007 S2008 S2009 S2010

      S2001 S2002 S2003 S2004 S2005
      S2006 S2007 S2008 S2009 S2010

      We work hard to enrich the lives of our customers and ensure their health by pursuing
      spaces that are in complete harmony with nature,while xupplying eco-friendly materials
      and improving energy efficiency at the same time.

      Embracing peopleWe are increasing the value of people’s lives and setting trends in living
      spaces through designs that are not only beautiful and human-friendly,but also emotion-ally
      appealing.Inspired living spaceWe put the highest priority on customers ,creating living spaces
      where people experience perpetual happiness. 

      优秀的耐久性---100% Homogeneous同透的构造
      环保---Non HCL, Plasticizer.,HCHO, 重金属

      特性 标准 要求
      厚度 EN428 ±0.15mm 2.0mm
      硬度 ISO7619 ≥75Shore A 93
          Mean Value≤0.15mm 0.03mm
          at thickness<2.5mm  
          Mean Value≤2.0mm  
      压痕残留 EN433 at thickness<2.5mm  
      耐磨性 ISO4649(metl.A-5N) ≤250mm3 196.6mm3
      尺寸稳定性 EN434 ±0.4% 0.02%
          show no signs of cracking no forming cracks 
      弹性 435 met,A when using 20mm diameter mandrel  
      光照色牢度 ISO105-B 02 MetA ≥3 fufilled
      耐烟头性 EN1399 Met,A≥4,Met,B≥3 fulfilled
      阻燃性 EN13501-1   Bfl-S1
      动摩擦系数 EN13893 0.3(DS) DS
      耐污染性 EN423 Good Good
      防滑性 DIN51130 acrooding to BGR 181 R9
      绝热检验 DIN52612   0.01m2k/w
      表面电阻 IEC60093   3.44*10^10
      行走时静电负荷量 EN 1815 负2kv ≤X≤2kv  1.4
      降噪音性能 ISO140-8 _ 5
      轮椅滚轮测试 EN 425 no disturbance to the surface other than slight change due to flatter appearance-no delamination shall occur fufilled
      阻燃性 DIN4102 B1 B 1
      撕裂程度 ISO 34-1 method B,procedure A   33.4km/m
      烟毒测试 NF X70-100   R0.43

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