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      塑胶地板,PVC地板资料及技术指标vinyl flooring specification


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      Tarkett IQ Optima塑胶地板

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      Optima 得嘉IQ系列 同质透心产品 永久无须打蜡 PVC含量极高并有独特的透明芯粒生成工艺。通过ASTM洁净房间测试,达到最高等级A级。适用于图书馆地板、医院地板、药厂地板等。
      Tarkett IQ Optima塑胶地板
          iQ表示“智能型”,是得嘉为满足客户需要提供的智能型解决方案,作为iQ系列的一员,真实质感的树皮纹路的iQ Optima 具备所有iQ品质,卓越的表现能力,无疑是同质透心地材市场上最好的产品。
          突破性采用表面压纹的方式获得独一无二树皮纹的效果,与周围环境及iQ Optima其他系列完美匹配,并采用同样具有iQ PUR表面处理,兼备iQ系列一贯的高品质表现,永久无需打蜡并可翻新。 

      New Forever

      • Unique self regenerating properties
      • Keeps its original appearance
      • Lifelong quality and performance
      The widest range
      • Multi solution concept
      • Color coordinated solutions for all specific needs and areas
      • Multi color welding rods
      The original
      • From the leader in sustainable flooring
      • From the inventor of fully flexible homogeneous vinyl flooring
      • 60 years of innovation in vinyl flooring
      Just water
      • Simpler, more environmentally responsible cleaning and maintenance
      Profitable after 3 years
      • Best life cycle costs on the market
      • Payback within three years from lowest maintenance and cleaning casts

      iO Optima is a classic design revisited for today's demand for high performance flooring in colors
      and styles suited to the widest possible range of environment and ambience.
      iQ Optima is a genuine multi-solution, with all the Lifetime quality, cost savings and ease of installation and maintenance of the classic iQ range, brought right up to date with new designs and formats and a dazzling collection of over 60 colors.
      Classic Colors
      A range of 24 timeless
      colors that never go out of style.
      With 64 colors, the iQ Optima color palette has a solution for every mood and style.
      It returns to the timeless classics that are the core of the collection and adds unique new designs Including wood and combine colors
      Combined Colors
      A distinctive new option in contrasting and harmonizing shades of orange or green that work perfectly with the Urban range of grays and color.
      Urban Colors and Urban Grays
      Calming shades of grey provide an infinitely practical and neutral modern styling. Creates a modern urban buzz with the vivid splash of bold energetic colors.
      Nature Colors
      Tones of sand, earth and stone inspired by the soft Light colors found in nature.
      Essence Colors and Essence Contrast
      Drawing on the white, grey, brown and black patterns of three bark, the unique “Essence” designs give the sensation of real wood, in its raw natural form.

      Classic colors

      3242 833

      3242 834

      3242 835
      3242 838 3242 839
      3242 841 3242 856 3242 857 3242 843 3242 847
      3242 848 3242 849 3242 862 3242 820 3242 821
      3242 825 3242 822 3242 823 3242 829 3242 831
      3242 867 3242 850 3242 826 3242 828  

      Combined colors

      3242 851

      3242 855

      Natural colors

      3242 876

      3242 877
      3242 900
      3242 899
      3242 898
      3242 897 3242 860 3242 836 3242 903 3242 904

      Urban colors Urban grays
      3242 861
      3242 871
      3242 886

      3242 824

      3242 872

      3242 864

      3242 863

      3242 853

      3242 873

      3242 869

      3242 866

      3242 874

      3242 870

      3242 845

      3242 875

      Essence colors

      3078 952

      3075 960
      3075 957
      3075 953

      3075 961

      3075 958

      3075 954

      3075 962

      3075 959

      3075 955
      3078 956

      Essence contrast

      3078 951

      3078 950

      821 825 826 831 845
      853 862 866 899  

      A multi-solution offer
      With outstanding performance and an exceptional range of colors, formats and accessories, iQ Optima brings design into line with potential to create a genuine multi-solution offer. From hospitals to schools, hotels or offices, from wet room to bedroom, iQ Optima can provide a single solution or a complete co-ordinate design that flows seamlessly between ambience and functions.
      The revitalized iQ Optima range takes homogeneous vinyl to a new level of design potential with a palette that has more than doubled from 30 t0 64 colors. Teamed with new formats and accessories-tiles, planks, acoustic and slip-resistant, plus multi-color welding rods - iQ Optima is a genuine multi-solution offer. iQ Optima has a color and design solution for every ambience, offering a palette that ranges from neutral practical grays to vivid color, and the user-friendly comfort and Look of wood. With so many options, it's possible to create a never-ending surface that flows from one area to another, changing mood and function, without sacrificing performance.  A wet-room can be perfectly co-ordinate with a patient room, an exciting play  area with a relaxing staff room, or a wood-style sales floor with offices. Healthcare, education, industry, offices, or retail- the possibilities are endless.
      Innovative formats
      To go with the special character of the Essence color range, iQ Optima introduces embossed and planks embossed rolls as well as a unique plank format with beveled edges.
       This brings the look and feel of real wood, while retaining all the iQ performance characteristics - including the ability to dry buff. iQ Optima Acoustic is the perfect solution for areas that require acoustic reduction plus performance. Larger order can be custom made in any color or design. Available in 12 colors and a slip-resistant surface, iQ Optima multisafe is part of the wareroom concept solution.
      IQ Optima
      Type of floorcovering EN649 homogeneous vinyl flooring
      CE Certification   yes
      Classification EN 685
      Commercial: 34
      Wear Layer thickness EN 429 2.0mm
       iQ PUR   yes
      Foam Layer thickness EN 430  
      Adhesive foil thickness EN 428  
      Total thickness EN 426 2.0mm
      Total weight EN 426 2800g/m2
      Foam of delivery EN 426
      iQ Optima
      3 digit color number
      EN 427
      iQ Optima
      61*61cm-14tiles/box=5.21 m2
      3 digit color number
      iQ Optima Essence
      3 digit color number
      All over embossing
      3 digit color number
      Planks embossing
      3 digit color number
      iQ Optima Essence
      61*61cm-14tiles/box=5.21 m2
      3 digit color number
      Decorplanks with embossing
      71.16*10.16cm-28planks/box=2.02 m2
      3 digit color number
      Dimensional stability EN 434 ≤0.40% for rolls
      ≤0.25% for tiles
      Abrasion Group Thickness loss
      Volume loss
      EN 660: part 1
      EN 660: part 2
      Group T: ≤2.0mm3
      Residual indentation EN 433 Approx.0.03mm
      Castors chair test EN 425 Suitable
      Static electrical charge EN 1815 <2kV
      Underfloor heating   Suitable-max. 27℃
      Impact sound resistance EN ISO 717/2  
      Thermal resistance EN 12667/DIN 52612 Approx.0.01m2k/w
      Reaction to fire EN ISO 13501-1
      EN ISO 9239-1
      EN ISO 11925-2
      Class Bfl s1
      Light fastness EN ISO 105-B02 ≥level 6
      Chemical resistance EN 423 Good resistance
      Bacteria resistance DIN EN 846-C Does not favour growth
      Clean room test ASTM F51/00 Class A
      Bare foot test DIN 51097  
      Slip resistance DIN 51130
      EN 13893
      Colors   iQ Optima 51
      iQ Optima Essence 13
      l    The above information is subject to modification for the benefit of further improvement.
      标准测试 卷材
      地材类型 EN649 同质透心塑胶地板
      GB/T 4085-2005 合格
      欧洲评级 EN 685
      商用: 34极高人流量
      原产地 EN 430 瑞典 Ronneby
      特别处理 EN 428 IQ PUR强化处理
      每平方米总重量 EN 430 2800g/m2
      总厚度 EN 428 2.0mm
      卷宽 EN 426 2m
      卷长 EN 426 25lm
      片材尺寸 EN 427 61*61cm
      包装规格   每盒5.2平米(14片)
      磨损率 EN 660 P级
      残余凹陷 EN 433 约0.03mm
      滚轮测试 EN 425 适合
      热阻值 DIN 52612 约0.01m2k/w
      地热系统 适合-最高 27℃
      静电负荷 EN 1815 <2kV
      消音率 EN ISO 717/2 约+4dB
      阻燃性 GB 8624-1997
      DIN 4102
      BS 476:Part 7,1997
      EN ISO 13501-1
      EN ISO 9239-1
      EN ISO 11925-2
      Class 2
      Class Bfl s1
      洁净服测试 ASTM F51/00 Class A
      色牢度 EN ISO 105-B02 ≥ 6
      抗化学性能 EN 423 良好
      抗菌性能 DIN EN 846-C 无细菌滋生
      防滑测试 DIN 51130
      EN 13893
      有害物质测试 GB 18586-2001 合格
      颜色选择   60
      l    产品的安装、清洁与保养可以参见得嘉相关的指南,详情请联系就近得嘉办事处。
      l    本宣传册所示图片中的产品色样仅供参考,实际颜色和图案以实样为准。
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