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      塑胶地板,PVC地板资料及技术指标vinyl flooring specification


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      厚度Thickness:2mm/3mm 规格Size:600mm*600mm/610mm*610mm 检测项目 检验方法 技术指标 检验结果 类别CENter DIN EN685 级别:34+43 产品类别Composistion of Material ASTM F1700certificate of complicance 同质透心 厚

      TC601 TC6061 TC6101 TC6111 TC9081
      TC9091 TC9102 TC9103 TC9104 TC9105
      TC9131 TC9141      

      检测项目 检验方法 技术指标 检验结果
      类别CENter DIN EN685   级别:34+43
      产品类别Composistion of Material ASTM F1700 certificate of complicance   同质透心
      厚度Thickness ASTM F386,DIN EN428 as sPecified±0.13m 符合
      尺寸公差Nominal   <±0.4mm/304.8 符合
      直角度Squareness ASTM F386,DIN EN427 maximum 0.25mm 符合
       残余凹陷度      Residual stability ASTM F540 average less than8%, max.single reading10% <8%
      尺寸稳定性    Dimensional stability ASTM F1914,DIN EN433 0.51mm/304.8mm 符合
      耐化学性        Resistance chenicals ASTMF ed.Std.No501a, Method6211,DIN EN434 average less than a slight change in surface dulling,surface attack or staining 符合
      耐热性             Resistance to heat ASTM F1514 △E<8ave,max 符合
      耐光性            Resistance to light ASTM E1515 △E<8ave,max 符合
      静态负载极限       Static load limit Modified ASTM F970-93   0.03英寸(2500psi)
       烟浓度Smoke density ASTM E595 <450 <450
      火焰蔓延性Flame spread ASTM E84,NFPA225 <75 <75
      质量损失率CVCM ASTM E595   1.31%
      导热性能            Thermal conductivity DIN51612   0.309W/m.k
      防火性能Fire risistance DIN4102   B1
      防火性能Fire risistance ONORM B3810   B1Q1
      临界辐射通量     Critical radiant flux ASTM E648,NFPA253   >1.08W/cm2
      耐摩耗性           Abrasion risistance ASTM D1044 CS-10-F wheel 500GM weight   Cycle2500.5000.7500.10000. %Gauge loss0.4 0.8 1.2 1.6
      耐磨性能        Risistance to wear DIN EN660-1   M
      转椅影响              Effect of castor chair DIN EN425   no damage
      色牢度Color castness ISO105 B02   At least6
      吸引性                  Impact sound absrption Vli,ISO140,ISO717   appro*2dB
      健康护理设施标准 Standard for healthy care facilities NFPA99   confirms to requirement of NFPA99 in effect at time of installation
      欧盟产品标准Fulfils product requirements underwriters laboratories DIN EN649 UL779   YES符合UL standard
      可修复性Free from defects workmandship and materials     5years
      传导性Conductivity     终生
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